When my friend and business partner died , I was thrust into the role of “the personal representative “ of her estate. My diversified life and business experience and education helped me be prepared and qualified for this role but what happened exceeded my wildest expectations.

My friend’s sudden death when her heart stopped was an immediate shock and I had so questions I wanted answered from her caregiver.

The number of hours I’ve spent on this journey of handling the estate has been so much more than most people believed reasonable or real. …

Pandemic Pivots: Entrepreneurs Adjusting For Survival and Success

For Auction: ArtGlass Made in Poland

Just Nuts : Where’s the Assets ? — A Story from An Estate Gone Missing

The day came and the phone rang and my friend and business partner had died. She lived in a big home filled with her lifetime worth of things from artwork to costume jewelry from family heirlooms to cat grooming products.

By the morning after she passed when I went to the house to get more details of her passing and the condition of the house and all of her things, I was shocked.

I asked her caretaker for where I could find her diamond earrings…

About three summers ago someone told me, “ Lori, you are one of those people who has always had ideas and concepts ahead of their time. In marketing terms, you’re a visionary thinker and innovator.” I was flattered and then he asked, “If you were going to plan for the cryptocurrency industry’s growth, what type of web dot coms would you buy ? “

It was a great question so I sat for a while and when I the inspiration and insights arrived, I started buying the domains that people would want to buy within a few years. …

Health and Wellness Business IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy Florida Expansion

When the President of the West Boca Chamber of Commerce, Carissa Chisholm informed me that we were getting an exciting new health and wellness business in West Boca , I immediately planned to tour the new location and meet these entrepreneurs and health professionals.

This business which is now picked up huge momentum in South Florida is called Liquivida Lounge. The name has a contemporary, comfortable and yet sexy trending sound. I thought about how many times you hear the name of a business and know you like it right…

The title of these words is “AFTERNOONS”:

These words are about what happens when a small boy comes home to be alone after school and finds his Dad’s guns and there’s an accident.

“School has ended

Now what should I do?

Dad is working

Mom is too

It’s the afternoon

The days are hot

I could stay in the streets

or maybe not.

I’ll go home

TV’s got tunes

but it’s really boring

All these afternoon

Maybe I’ll play with Daddy’s gun

That will be exciting

That will be fun

I know, I’ll share

this fun with my friend


Getting Ready For Estate Liquidation & Fundraising Events

It’s a unique combination to have a lady liquidator, Susan Bender, Owner of DejaVu Estate Sales and Auctions with a huge showroom in Palm Beach Gardens working with a female Auctioneer, Lori Wilk, on huge estate liquidations with live events and auctions.

It is a fascinating combination and coordinated effort to bring together the right combination of estate sale items such as designer clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories and jewelry with high-end furnishings and decorative and collectible artwork in a way that brings in the buyers and makes money for the consignors, the…

There’s not a day that has gone by when I did not receive an offer from a website developer who could create a website for my business that would get to the front page of Google. Many of the website builders were from far-away lands and pitched affordably priced services as a deciding factor. I remained confused as ever and still needed a website that would help me compete online that would represent my products and services and help me get found by my ideal clients and customers.

To my surprise, or maybe just good fortune, I was introduced to…

Sometimes You Just Need To Talk : The Family Psych is There to Listen

When life deals you challenges according to Dr. Lee Ann Lehman,Ph.D says that instead of phoning a friend, call a psychologist. You friends may listen but chances are they cannot really help you with your issues. This can be due to the fact that they may be biased to your situation or judgemental.

Dr. Lee Ann Lehman, Ph.D, owner of TheFamilyPsych, has been a practicing psychologist in South Florida for more than 20 years. “By having an objective person, a professional like myself listening,you become empowered…

With the soaring Winter population and in excess of 200,000 annual residents, Boca singles are gravitating to dance dates. To help all these singles with their moves on the dance floor, Arthur Murray Boca Raton offers afternoon and evening classes and private dance instruction.

We caught up with the owners of this Boca Raton Arthur Murray located at 7531 N Federal Hwy in the heart of Boca Raton to ask more about this dating phenomenon.

According to Bethany Mollo, the Arthur Murray Boca franchise owner and experienced dance professional for more than 20 years, “ Being able to dance socially…

Lori Wilk, Ceo, Innovator

Lori, the CEO of Strategic Media Influence, specializes in visionary marketing services, digital strategies for entrepreneurs, BlogTalkRadio&Twitter@Successipes

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