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Health and Wellness Business IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy Florida Expansion

When the President of the West Boca Chamber of Commerce, Carissa Chisholm informed me that we were getting an exciting new health and wellness business in West Boca , I immediately planned to tour the new location and meet these entrepreneurs and health professionals.

This business which is now picked up huge momentum in South Florida is called Liquivida Lounge. The name has a contemporary, comfortable and yet sexy trending sound. I thought about how many times you hear the name of a business and know you like it right away or you’re not sure what it means. With Liqua and Vida I was already sensing life-giving or life-boosting liquid and then as I learned more about the main product and service of this business and how it incorporates IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy into one’s wellness plans I was fascinated and wanted to learn more.

The first Liquivida Lounge was and still is located on Galt Ocean Mile in Fort Lauderdale. I visited the West Boca location off Glades Rd. near 441(SR7) which is in a very busy strip shopping center.

Liquivida Lounge West Boca’s PA, Nelly Gal, works with clients to comprehensively assess their medical health and wellness needs by reviewing results of blood tests before recommending vitamin therapies or supplements. -The Liquivida Lounge locations currently serving clients in South Florida are either corporate stand-alone business locations or located inside other health and wellness businesses as an enhancement to their health and wellness practices.

Clients of Liquivida Lounges select their treatments to fulfill specific needs, wants or desired results. The trademarked theme of Liquivida Lounges is : “replenish, rehydrate, and revitalize.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Liquvida Lounge Founder and one of the owners, Sam Tejada. Sam offered insights into his entrepreneurial endeavors and what’s fueling Liquivida’s growth and expansion in the health and wellness industry. Today, Liquvida Lounge has both B2C and B2B success.

Clients come into the Liquivida Lounge locations for their IV Vitamin Fusion Therapies and supplements and Liquvida Lounge sells the ready-to-use IV Vitamin Therapy kits to health and wellness businesses who will provide these therapies to their clients. Liquvida Lounge earns money from both the B2B and B2C clients.

Before there were “Liquivida Lounge” locations, Sam was a full-time fire fighter in South Florida working 24 hour shifts which also gave me full days off. Sam shared how he and other fire fighters worked extra jobs to make money on their days off. Sam was his 20’s with skills, determination and a strong work ethic.

Sam worked part-time drawing blood as a lab tech for Dr. WIllix Jr, MD.-now a partner in Liquivida Lounge -where he was introduced to the concept of IV Vitamin Therapies through high-profile people he met there who were dedicated to their health and wellness . Sam immersed himself in this industry and has not looked back ever since.

As a young entrepreneur, Sam explained he knew he had to partner with experienced top professionals who would agree to provide their expertise, time and talent to his new company. He took on a small number of “sweat equity” partners to make this business a reality known as “Liquivida Lounge.”

As entrepreneurs we love to understand how businesses are launched and how they take their steps and the moves they make towards success. According to Sam Tejada, the way that Liquvida Lounges has been growing is through their corporate owned three exclusive locations which include the original Fort Lauderdale Galt Ocean Mile and the new West Boca location I toured. Additional Liquvida Lounges are in Aventura, Bradenton, Boynton Beach, Coconut Creek, East Boca, Jupiter, Miami, West Palm Beach and Wellington, Florida with more out -of-state locations in Phoenix, AZ., and Milford, CT.

More Liquivida Lounges are in the planning and launching stages- inside existing health and wellness businesses.

At first Liquivida Lounges served the B2C market and they provided IV drip therapies to their clients. Over time, Liquivida Lounge’s business model expanded to new sources of profitability by creating their own ready-to-use IV therapy treatments and selling them to health and wellness practitioners making them a growing and successful B2B business.

Many people might be curious about the kinds of IV Drip Therapies they could experience at a Liquivida Lounge. There are therapies for long-term health, to slow down the aging process, to improve athletic performance, beat a hangover, lighten the skin, enhance mental focus, fight off sickness, detoxify the body and to help you feel sharper.

I like the sound of the IV Drip Therapy called, “The Executive” which claims to improve your energy level and help one’s mood. I’m smiling.

Lori Wilk, Ceo, Innovator

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