About three summers ago someone told me, “ Lori, you are one of those people who has always had ideas and concepts ahead of their time. In marketing terms, you’re a visionary thinker and innovator.” I was flattered and then he asked, “If you were going to plan for the cryptocurrency industry’s growth, what type of web dot coms would you buy ? “

It was a great question so I sat for a while and when I the inspiration and insights arrived, I started buying the domains that people would want to buy within a few years. It was a really fun exercise and activity.

My dot coms have gotten interest so I know that I was on the right track and now want to create a post pandemic prosperity program and may consider selling the bitcoin and cryptocurrency related domains to bootstrap the launch of a new company to help entrepreneurs. I’ve been a little bored during this pandemic so it gave me time to be creative.

In any business field I knew there would always be leaders, people who would want to make presentations and teach seminars on their topic. I knew that there would be companies emerging who would focus on keeping cryptocurrencies safe and secure and I felt strongly about people accepting payment in crypto for various products and /or services.

I put this story away and recently came back to update it to share it. On my SecureMyCrypto.com site there are over 500 scam message comments waiting for my approval. Of course there will be no way that any of the comments will be anything but deleted and it proves that there is a huge demand for the securemycrypto.com domain. I have already had companies interested in purchasing this domain and will consider when I meet the company with the right plans to truly secure people’s investments in crypto.

The PayMeInCrypto.com is also such a cool concept that it’s going to skyrocket. Innovating and creating is fun so I cannot wait to see where we go from here.

I can see t-shirts and products with “CryptocurrencyLover.com “ and “EthererumLover.com. I am a bigger fan of the alt coins than ever before as I’ve seen their prices go up and know that people want new possibilities in the marketplace. We cannot go backwards in time and we are shaping a very different future with cryptocurrencies.

As a talk show host for many years- now called podcasting-I thought it would be cool to have a the CryptocurrencyShow or why not TheCyberSpaceExchange.com as the trading floor for the new digital assets ?

On the practical side I know people will need BitcoinEyeglasses and will be drinking the AltcoinAle. I’m really excited about all this business in cyberspace and the post pandemic prosperity planning.

Lori, the CEO of Strategic Media Influence, specializes in visionary marketing services, digital strategies for entrepreneurs, BlogTalkRadio&Twitter@Successipes